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Having been in practice as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist now for over twenty-five years, and offering professional training and consultancy for the last thirteen, Rob is highly-regarded amongst other professionals, and is widely respected as an expert in many of the fields in, and surrounding, hypnosis and applied psychology. Because of this, and his high success rates, he has developed a good working relationship with Doctors, Specialists and Consultants, who regularly refer clients to him. Rob regularly appears in the media, is the author of numerous books and magazine articles, and is the creator of a number of life-changing treatments such as his ‘Thrive Programme’. Click on the following links: To read more about Rob, read about how the Thrive Programme could help you, what symptoms and problems Rob can help you with, read some of the common questions people ask, view some videos and testimonials, see Rob’s fee structure, and find directions to the Cambridge Clinic.

Clinic: What problems and symptoms can Rob help with?

Robs insight into, and success in treating, emotional and psychological problems is gained from his vast clinical experience, and thorough (and at times boring!) scientific research. He practices a couple of unique therapies/treatments that he has developed over the years – ‘The Thrive Programme’, and ‘Cognitive Processing and Integration’ – as well as the more usual clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques.

Using a combination of the above techniques, and others, he has helped over fourteen thousand people including: over eight thousand smokers, two thousand phobia sufferers, about a thousand people with depression and related symptoms, about two thousand victims of sexual abuse and hundreds of people with: sexual problems, obsessions, compulsions, personality disorders, confidence problems, weight issues etc

For the last thirteen years Rob has been the Director of The International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts (IAPH), which is the largest group of analytical hypnotherapists in the world. He has recently handed-over directorship after overseeing the organisation evolve into The International Association of Evidence-Based Psychotherapists (IAEBP), of which he is a Fellow.

Seminars, workshops and training courses:

Rob also runs various training courses and seminars/workshops that he has developed, including the Thrive Consultant Training Course and an Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Practitioner’s Diploma Course.

Rob Kelly voted one of Top Sante Magazine's 'Top 100 Health Guru's'..

Rob Kelly voted one of Top Sante Magazine’s ‘Top 100 Health Guru’s’..

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  • Thrive as a Non-Smoker (previously ‘stop smoking easily)
  • Thrive (generally)
  • Cure your Emetophobia and Thrive


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To book a session with Rob, or to find out about his fees or directions to his clinic, click here